Morgan Davis
Zachary Kolda Elementary
3730 Rodd Field Road
Corpus Christi

Kolda Reads -

We have offered many activities as reading incentive, but we recently asked for your help with students struggling with reading.  Thank you for your support of these young readers and a big thank you to Whataburger for allowing me to thank these awesome student who participated in Book Buddies with a Whataburger Breakfast.

We have various reading incentives including the Texas 2x2 and Texas Bluebonnets. Those will be due by May 16th. Keep a look out for the Texas Topaz Reading Incentive. This incentive will also be due May 16th. Please see the Additional Resources section for more information on all reading incentives. A small change has been added to the way students can submit their reading responses for all reading incentives. We have added a technology component for those wishing to use Google slides. I would like to see students being creative with their responses. Join our classrooms and share your creative reading responses with your fellow students.